After spending 7 years in child welfare, I ventured to try a social work from a grassroots perspective. I fell in love. No more feeling as though I was an intrusion into society’s eyes, I was finally accepted as one who cares and wants to help. I was in my element. Truly I wanted to help people live great lives as I also sought the same for myself.

Fast forward five years and the damaging impact of child welfare remains etched in my subconscious. I met with a client and decided to take him to my most favorite place in the world…the beach. Sadly, the water was polluted but we walked along the boardwalk taking in the peace which emanates from the beach. When we finished I drove him off, jumped on the highway and headed home. At home, I took a much deserved nap (because I can!) but I could hear my phone vibrate. My heart raced as thoughts of dissatisfaction entered my mind. It was probably the staff. Maybe he came back with drugs and they blamed me, or he had a fight & they thought I caused him to be upset or even worse. My anxiety was so high I couldn’t fall asleep right away and when I did I had nightmares of past issues…. Finally I got up and checked my voice mail. It was my client. He said he was having such a bad day, and he felt going out calmed him down. He said, thank you. tears filled my eyes. I felt gratitude. This was my life path.

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