Psychotherapy Services

Therapy is a collaborative process between the client and therapist. Therapy cannot be successful with the clients’ hard work, energy and courage.  We utilizes a variety of counselling approaches such as cognitive behavior therapy, solution-focused counselling, narrative therapy, expressive arts therapy (which include art therapy, sand tray, and music), group therapy, and family therapy. In all, the tools are guides clients use on the journey towards healing.  The therapist is the witness to the healing, and supporter along the way.

Nicole Perryman provides psychotherapy and short-term employment assistance program counselling through multiple programs.  Nicole is an experienced social worker and psychotherapist who has worked in the social services field since 2002.  In 2007, Nicole began her counselling career specializing with children and youth, and extending to adults and couples in 2013. In 2013, Nicole developed Aset Group Consulting and Counselling Services. Aset Group is currently a robust organization that provides services in Pickering, ON. In 2018, Nicole developed Ifarada: Centre for Excellence and Determination which is a non-for-profit organization serving equity seeking individuals and families. And, in 2019, Nicole started a grassroots organization designed to support families in Durham Region with community resources, educational workshops, and support groups.

Short-term counselling features:

  • 1 to 6 session model
  • assesses a particular issue
  • provides solution-focused and problem solving information
  • goal focused
  • learn strategies to cope with stress, anxiety, grief and loss
  • offered by most company benefit plans

Counselling Experiences

  • (2013 to Present) -Clinical Director & Social Worker for Aset Group Consulting and Counselling Services
  • (2013- 2017)- Intensive Support and Specialist Program for Durham Family Court Clinic
  • (2014)- Clinician/Service Coordinator (Contract) for Turning Point Youth Services
  • (2013-2014)- Adult Counselor (Contract) for Durham Rape Crisis Center     
  • (2013- 2014)- Play Therapist (Contract) for Regesh Child and Family Services
  • (2007- 2013)-Child and Family Therapist for Branching Out Enhanced Therapeutic Services Inc.

Detailed Resume/ CV


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