Resiliency and Process of Family Therapy

Resiliency is paramountcy to building healthy children and families.  Family Therapy is an integral part of the process for helping families resolve difficulties, addressing systemic issues and barriers in the family and outside, and helping families heal.  Each family member is given a voice to their unique experiences within the family, which can help them feel empowered and validated.  Collectively, the family seeks resources, supports, cultural and social identities that connect them together as an unique group.  

Madhuri Chopra, placement student, prepared a synopsis of her review of the Family Therapy Magazine, produced by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.  Her description truly sums up the work we aim to achieve in this organization as we continue to grow and develop as a new agency, but also with the changing times people experience.  Image result for counselling

“..we learn about resilience and also we deal with clients who have [experienced difficult life experiences]. Moreover, we deal with clients with trauma focus cognitive behavior therapy. Also, we practice self care and for this special vacation off is given to us. This is given to us so, that we can spend time with self and know how the stories of others affect us. It can also help us to polish our strengths and eliminate our weakness.  Not only this, We have dealt with cases of cyber bullying. And, we have explained the bystander approach in cyber bullying.

We do a lot of play and art therapy with the kids and….this help the kids the most as they are able to express themselves using this therapy. We also use solution focused trauma therapy and this helps the clients who go through trauma or grief/loss.

The family therapist have a really sensitive job. They have to understand the issues of the family and have to bond them together. Also, they have to work with  each and every family member. We have to keep in mind about culture because we live in Canada and As Canada is land of immigrants.  We need to learn about how to distribute power not only in country but, also in family.

The family therapist should keep in mind that whether they can work in this field or not. They should regularly do check ins and self reflection. The family therapist should know about stigma’s that they have in the society and the bias that they hold within themselves. Also, they should keep in mind what works for one person of the family may not work for the other person in the family. Dreams are very important in family therapy. The therapist needs to learn about family related feelings. Also, it is important that sharing of dreams within the family can help family foster a relationship (Madhuri Chopra, Drug and Addiction Counsellor Placement Student).

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Resiliency Resources

The following resources consist of articles, websites and videos on Resiliency.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) website:  Provides resources and information on research ACE.

Speak the Words interview with Clinical Director, Nicole Perryman: Interview: Helping Youth and Families Develop Psychological Resiliency

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