Nia Gwenda Girls Group

Nia Gwenda, Girls with Purpose is our popular girls program designed for girls aged 13 to 18 years old.

See our website: for more information.

New Intakes starting January 7, 2019

Admission to our February and March 2019 group begins in January 2019. Please contact us to initiate the referral process: 289-624-2330.

Nia Gwenda Girls Group

February & March 2019 Groups

Anxiety and Healthy Mental Health Group:

Our 6-week small group teaches young women about their experience of anxiety, incorporates the use of self-care strategies, developing an anxiety-relief plan, and connecting women together in a supportive way.

Girls Support and Healing Group

Our 6- week small group supports young women with a variety of experiences they encounter. Topics include: intimate relationships, understanding mental health, human trafficking, drug and alcohol use, social media and more.

Our groups are affordable $35/per session plus HST.

Groups include: initial 2 hr complimentary introductory session, weekly emails and phone calls with caregivers, follow up complimentary session, and a final report.

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