railroadChange is a process.  It is part of the journey which exists within our lives. 

Change is an awareness of ourselves and our world, in a different but more empowering way. 

Change transforms us, through altering  our mindset, how we deal with problems, how we act within our relationships.  If we direct our change, we can draw closer to the person we wish to become.

Change comes when we are willing to draw into our lives supportive agents to help guide our change.  Counselling is one of those supportive agents.  As a counselling and psychotherapy practice, our focus is on inspiring others and creating opportunities for adults, youth, families and couples to begin change within their lives.  We are strong advocates for: holistic care, anti-oppressive practice, feminist focused, relationship focused, and evidence-based practice.  We believe in people, We believe in families, and we believe in change.

As a parent, a therapist, a social worker, community member, and family member supporting people’s growth and access to equality in their lives and peace within their hearts is my vision and focus.  I have spent the majority of my life supporting people of all experiences and life challenges to achieve their life outcomes.  I strongly believe that we have the tools within to change our life, but with all things, there are times when we need support, guidance and wisdom.  There are tools people can use to help improve their self-esteem, to understand how to deal with peer pressure, to manage stress from their careers, and to resolve conflicts in their marriage.  My goal is to guide you to the best tools designed to help you feel about yourself and your goals”. 

Nicole Perryman, MA, CPT, RSW

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