We provide a variety of assessments which help to assess and analyse a situation or problem, prepare interpretation and clinical formulation and develop recommendations which are geared towards resolution.

Custody and Access Assessments


Divorce and separation can impact families in a very difficult way.  Parents are often caught in their own emotions and processes of divorce and separation they can overlook their child’s experiences.  In addition to providing counseling for your children, parents may require a third party assessor to examine and observe the situation, as well as provide recommendations to help bridge the family through this transition.  We provide assessments to determine custodial arrangements for the children, as well as reasonable parenting time or access which best meets the interests of the children.

Supervision Assessments

Supervision Assessments

Supervision assessments are focused on reunification and building families impacted by immigration, child welfare and custody/access disputes.

Over the past twenty years, we have been providing supervision assessments for families for child welfare, custody/access, and family reunification.  Our assessments are thorough and include an unique perspective:

  • anti-oppressive and equitable
  • social perspective, including spirituality, cultural perspective, ecological and economic perspective
  • generational and family lineage
  • family reunification
  • includes an Afrocentric perspective
Psycho social and Emotional Assessments

Psycho social and emotional assessments are another approach in understanding the treatment needs for children and youth. A psycho social assessment assesses a child’s emotional functioning, their behavior, family and genetic history, attachment style and needs, and impact of trauma upon their lives. A psycho social assessment includes multiple interviews with child, family members, observations in home and school settings, interviews with professionals and teachers, and review of professional documentation. The assessment provides treatment and intervention recommendation.

Trauma Assessments

Trauma Assessments

Similar to psycho social assessments, trauma assessments examine further the impact of traumatic experiences for children, youth, and families. The assessments recommend treatment protocols, which will help the individual heal over the course of their lives.

Our interventions are grounded in theory and research, and aim to utilize a holistic, client centered and anti-oppressive practice. We utilize an objective, non bias, and analytical approach.

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