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One thing is inevitable, we will all experience grief and loss within our lives.  Whether planned or unplanned, the experience of grief can have a lasting impact on our identities, our perception of the world, our sense of relationships and emotional regulation.  Giving yourself time, helps to allow the grief pathway and processes in our lives. Self-care is critical to ensuring our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and experiences are sheltered through love, strength and hope.

The following articles provides suggestions of further readings gathered throughout the years.

The five stages of grief after losing a job

It seems cliche, but when dealing with a tragedy or a crisis, most of us experience some version of the five traditional stages of grief. We’re all different, so we all experience them differently.

Find the full article by Kristin Wong HERE

The five stages of grief

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I have learned through speaking with hundreds of people who have experienced grief, that there are no direct lineage from the loss to feeling acceptance.  Instead, the pathway through grief is dynamic, flexible, fluid and time-sensitive.  Some people may experience emotions such as: DENIAL, ANGER, BARGAINING, DEPRESSION AND ACCEPTANCE (Nicole Perryman).

Find the full article by David Kessler HERE


What are the types of grief

It’s important to know that everyone grieves in unique ways, and it’s okay if your grief is different than those around you.

Find the full article by Elizz HERE

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