Children and Youth Therapy

…dedicated to supporting & enriching the lives of children, youth and their families.

Nicole is a certified play therapist (CPT) with the Canadian Association for Play Therapy, and has worked with children and youth in a variety of settings over the past 20 years.

Life may bring unexpected changes, experiences, and challenges, which may require an holistic approach of supports. Whether it is for a short or long-term period, or intermittent as your child develops, therapy services can enrich a young persons’ ability to develop in a healthy and courageous manner.

Play Therapy is a therapeutic approach that uses play, art, sand & child-centered therapeutic approaches to best support healing for children & youth to address issues from grief/loss, trauma, and more.

Group Therapy is a supportive environment for young people to connect on experiences that young people may have within their lives, such as bullying, anxiety, identity & more.

Individual Therapy supports and guides young people in their journey, teaches them healthy ways to address difficulties, build their emotional regulation skills, advocates for their success, and guides their success.

Holistic, strength-based and empowerment led…

Our young people are exceptional, and have remarkable gifts to share with us in the journey. By creating a holistic approach, young people have access to physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural and mental wellness. Using strength-based approach, our young people have opportunities to develop their inner strengths, their gifts and talents, and create their life meaning & purpose. And, the boutique of services provided by Nicole & her team, will help to empower our young people to use their voices & advocate for their needs. When our young people struggle, we gather around them to provide them the tools they require for success, healing and growth.

Upcoming Events

Virtual Group Support & Group Counselling for youth and adults addressing common struggles such as pandemic support, grief/loss, divorce/separation, relationships and self-esteem/identity building.

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Accepting Referrals for registration for STOP, NOW and PLAN group program for youth with behavioral and emotional difficulties. The nine to twelve week group supports children and their parents to regulate their emotions, adapt new behavior and social skills, and healthy thought patterns.

Parenting Support Webinars

  1. Promoting Empathy & Resilience in Children
  2. No Drama Discipline
  3. Nurturing Healthy Relationships
  4. Caring for the Hurting Child
  5. Supporting your child through separations & divorce
  6. Creative Solutions for Teens

Articles & Writings


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