Our development as professionals and good people is supported by transformational growth in training, education and skill building. The following is a comprehensive list of training modules taught online, and in person provided by Nicole Perryman, Consulting. Searching for a topic, not on the list? Contact us to suggest your training needs and individualized program.

Equity Training & Organizational Development

Understanding Equity
Learn about historical experiences which have contributed to systemic oppression in Canada. Identify how equity can re-shape systems and institutions and the necessary steps needed.

Culturally informed approaches
Learn how to support the development of culturally informed practices within your organization, and how to ‘unlearn’ practices deemed harmful for your service users.

Addressing the Un-Comfortable
Being uncomfortable during discussions of inequity is part of the process of unlearning. Learn how to engage in uncomfortable conversations and stay present throughout discussions.

Mental Health & Treatment

Mental Health Awareness
Understanding the importance of mental wellness, and learn about challenges people may experience.

Building Resiliency
Learn the importance of building your inner strength and ability to manage and adapt to difficult experiences.

Clinical Training
A host of clinical trainings to support clients through the therapeutic relationship, establishing change, and treatment interventions.

Culturally-informed lens treatment
Understanding the key strategies to work with individuals using a culturally-informed lens, and best practices for assessment and treatment.

Play Therapy
Learn how to use a culturally-informed approach to working with children, youth and adults, and develop strategies for creating change and therapeutic relationship.

Becoming a therapist
Understand the steps required to shift from education to practice, address interpersonal experiences and strength, explore countertransference and transference, and building therapeutic relationships.

Parenting & Healthy Living

Learn about the styles of attachment, and the importance of attachment -focused parenting.

Healthy Discipline
Learn ways to discipline children and youth that builds their self-confidence, reinforces healthy behaviour and skills, and strengthens relationship.

Dealing with Difficult Behaviour
Learn strategies and tips to support children with behaviour difficulties, and improve your relationship and connection.

Co-Parenting with Ease
Learn healthy ways to co-parent, to focus on the best interests of the children, and deal with conflict successfully.

Grief and Loss Training
Learn how to manage grief and loss situations, and transition to healing within the whole family.

Better Living and Wellness
Holistic living is focused on creating balance in all dimensions of the self. Learn how to create a self care plan.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever- M. Ghandi

Online Courses

In collaboration with donations and funding, we have launched an online school.

The Neao Learning Centre has been provided due to generosity of the RE3 Rebuild Reopen Revive business grants for small businesses led by women!

Neao Learning Centre

Proudly supporting an online accessible school for individuals, including parents, youth, and professionals.

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