Nicole Perryman Consulting Projects

Completed Projects

Foster Parent (caregiver training)

In collaboration with a team approach, we provide foster parent training using an anti-oppressive, anti-Black racism, and cultural understanding of caring for children and youth in extended care system. Our training covers: Quality Standards of Care, Working with Outcomes planning for children, and youth, as well as addresses significant challenges youth may experience while living in care.

Nicole Perryman is a previous foster parent and child welfare worker, with a wealth of experience in working with foster care team, planning for a children and youth and including the youth’s voice, and understand their unique needs and strengths.

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Organizational Change in Culture, Equity Development, and Inclusive Spaces

Anti-oppressive framework

Prepared an anti-oppressive framework for a children’s mental health team. Identified key processes for change, and developing a comprehensive family engagement model.

Equity Training

Developing individualized and organizational specific equity training to address issues and to support staff to improve equity awareness. Training can be provided from 2 hours to 2- 3 week intensive training

Policy Development

Supporting organizations to develop policies and procedures, and implement change within their organization. Educating organizations to implement


Nicole Perryman presents on key themes in mental health, parenting, clinical training, and equity. Her presentations are available on You Tube, and specialized for your organizational needs.

Writing, Articles and Websites

Nicole Perryman has actively written on discussions that influence mental health, equity and parenting. Review the Articles and Blog listed in the footer for more details.

Implementing an Equity-based Framework within Organizations

Organizations can begin implementing an anti-oppressive framework by identifying guiding principles.  Furthermore, (Nzira & Williams, 2009) provide a clear achievable list in terms of what principles an agency should consider within their framework: Respect and welcome diversity within the work place Identify stereotypes and prejudices through gaining accurate knowledge of people or groups that differ…

Discussions on Best Practices in Counselling with Black Women- Part 1

To create change within the experiences for women of color, Creating change for Black women should consider how domains such as  the interpersonal, structural, institutional and hegemonic domains influence, dictate, and perpetuate the experiences of women who experience violence. Black women are not just seeking to address interpersonal challenges, but are connected to a larger…

Education for Black Youth

As a psychotherapist and social worker, I am honored to work with young black youth and their families supporting healthy mental wellness and addressing family issues.  Research demonstrates that systemic issues such as anti-Black racism, poverty, education, systemic oppression, inter-generational trauma and more intersects with mental health and family dynamics.  Given this, the initial assessment…



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