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Holistic Mental Health: Reframing Psychology Through the Lens of Culture, Race and Identity

We are seeking authors and potential authors to contribute to a new initiative promoting efficacy in mental health interventions for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour

Data Collection: Ifarada Centre for Excellence

Black Mental Health

Since 2013, our organization has worked with Black, Indigenous and People of Colour in multiple settings. We are preparing a magazine to showcase the data and experiences. Interested? Submit your story to: nicole@nicoleperryman.com on your journey in addressing mental health concerns and healing your self.

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We are seeking to change the faces of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour mental health, wellness, and holistic care. For so long, our stories and experiences were omitted from history. With the development of internet and search engines, we now have greater accessibility to tell our stories and create history for our generations. Be part of the movement. Join us.

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